Tradition says that the people in the Crooked Creek community of Union County first worshiped in a brush arbor. Early meetings are known as far back as January 11, 1876. The Church was constituted on November 21, 1879, and no known pictures of the original building exist, to our knowledge. The original building was thought to have been in front of the cemetery, and was later moved to its present location. The present Church was covered and painted in 1945 and was remodeled in 1958. One picture of the Church with asbestos siding exists that was probably taken about 1957. A note in the minutes says that kerosene heaters and an attic fan were added in 1958, as well as sheet rock and a celatex ceiling. Some of our members recall wood- burning heaters and spittoons that sat in the church and others recall going to the spring in the woods across the road to get water for drinking, foot-washing, etc. During the years many changes have been made, i.e., electricity, running water, indoor bathrooms, etc., but the building remains the same and still sits in a beautiful grove of trees. We have had many pastors over the years since 1879 including our first pastor, Elder L. Chaney, Elder Henry Taylor, Elder W. T. Broadway, Elder G. F. Denny, Elder Atlas Broadway, Elder Hoyle Simpson and Elder Larry Austin. Elder Richard Broadway is currently serving as pastor.

Crooked Creek Church was featured in North Carolina's Our State magazine in December of 2002.